Frequently Asked Questions

You have corn and soybean oil as active ingredients, does it work like other oils?

No, unlike oil PureCrop1 uses the fatty acid molecules that make up corn and soybean oil to manufacture our     product. Visit the Dig Deeper page to learn more.

When is the best time to spray?

The best time for any foliar application is in the early morning or early evening when temperature is low and humidity is higher, giving more time for the plants to absorb the product. PureCrop1 can be sprayed in direct sunlight if necessary without concern for phytotoxicity due to the huge surface area to mass ratio.

Do I need to report the use of your product?

PureCrop1 is exempt under FIFRA 25(b). Registration and use reporting are not required.

What is the shelf life of PureCrop1?

Shelf life as a concentrate is five years and up to 30 days once diluted. After some time PureCrop1 will start to react with minerals in the water and may change color or become cloudy. If this occurs continue to use the product normally. Freezing temperatures and high heat will not affect efficacy. Thaw or cool before use.

Do you have any other products?

Yes, we offer lithium-ion battery powered backpack sprayers, Plant Wash and an organic fertilizer (coming soon).

Do I need a surfactant or spreader when using PureCrop1?

No, PureCrop1 is the best surfactant/spreader on the market. PureCrop1 can carry up to 25% of it's own weight in polar and non-polar particles including micro and macro nutrients.

Does PureCrop1 kill weeds?

No, we designed our product to help plants grow, not kill them.

How close to harvest can I use PureCrop1?

PureCrop1 is safe to use in all stages of growth, up to and including the day of harvest. PureCrop1 can be used as a post-harvest wash to remove any unwanted residue.

Is PureCrop1 only good for foliar application?

No, there are many benefits to adding PureCrop1 to the root zone including increased health and vigor, reduced stress, increased resistance to soil pathogens, lower nutrient use and faster ripening.

Is PureCrop1 organic and non-GMO?

Yes, we are CCOF and ASCO approved. A prerequisite to being certified organic is to use all organic inputs and organic inputs by definition are non-GMO.

Is PureCrop1 a fertilizer?

No, we can reduce the amount of inputs by making them more available to the plant by encapsulating minerals and delivering them directly to the phloem and xylem where they can be used immediately by the plant. Micelle drive cellular reproduction in the form of food for RNA.

Is there any residue or concerns with drift?

No, PureCrop1 encapsulates and completely biodegrades. We do not use any toxic chemicals and drift will only help your neighbors plants grow too.

How often can I spray?

We recommend one application every week for most plants. You can spray more often if you like, you will not harm your plants. If you are fighting an infestation, visit our Directions page for problem specific instructions.

Can I mix PureCrop1 with other products?

Although we recommend it as a standalone product, PureCrop1 is compatible with all other products and will emulsify any immiscible substance.

Do I need special equipment to use PureCrop1?

No, conventional spray systems including electrostatic equipment works perfectly. There are, however, recommended application rates per acre for row crops to achieve efficacy. Refer to Directions for more information and our Products page if you're in need of a sprayer.

What plants is PureCrop1 good for? Is there anything I shouldn't use PureCrop1 on?

PureCrop1 is safe for all indoor and outdoor plants, crops, flowers, succulents, trees, pets and people; including sensitive varieties.

Do I need protective gear when using PureCrop1?

No, PureCrop1 has a zero OSHA rating. That means suiting up with gloves and a mask is a thing of the past. We recommend goggles or glasses at minimum to prevent possible eye irritation. We are also certified by NSF for use on food surfaces.


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