Notes on Use

  • No gloves, mask, goggles or respirator required, even when handling concentrate
  • No wetting agent required - PureCrop1 by nature is a super surfactant and emulsifier of immiscible substances
  • Completely compatible with all other agrochemicals, nutrients and other garden products
  • Safe to use in all stages of growth up to and including the day of harvest for food crops and cannabis
  • PureCrop1 works best with use of IPM  best practices
  • Spraying should be done in the morning or early evening when temperatures are lower and humidity is higher to give the product more time on the leaf surface
  • Spraying in direct sun will not harm plants due to the large surface area to mass ratio

 Instructions for Use

  1. Fill container with clean filtered water
  2. Add PureCrop1 at a rate of 128:1 for preventive maintenance or 64:1 for knock down
  3. Gently shake, stir or agitate
  4. Spray all leaves, stems and flowers to the point of runoff. Be sure to get the underside of leaves and the top of the growing medium
  5. Conventional sprayers, atomizers as well as electrostatic spray systems are good methods of application
  6. When used as root drench, or as general surfactant dilute at a rate of 100:1


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